Paard & Kunst

I have been selected and published in the November issue of Bit Magazine in the section "Paard & Kunst". In collaboration with Paard Verzameld this magazine presents an equine artist with a few of their favourite works.

What a year it has been. With the changes we all had to make, I finally took up the courage to identify myself as an artist with a vision she wants to express with photography. 

To find myself in that same year in a publication like this, is thanks to a lot of people. Joyce Ter Horst from Paard Verzameld and the artists in the collective have been a tremendous support and inspiration.

Even applying to the collective was not an easy feat. I only managed to do so after numerous encouragements from Marjo Lebbe, another Belgian artist in the collective, whose work has been taking wings since I got to know her. As the collective constitutes of a lot of different art disciplines, I see my work greatly influenced by their techniques and thus further evolving in a less traditional style of equine photography.

I cherish this publication as a key moment in my development as an artist and in my career. After years of a supporting roll with my photography for numerous articles and what not, I finally dare to take the stage myself and say here I am. What does my art make you feel? 

BIT 276, available in Bit's web-store or a newsagent in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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