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About Our Yoga

Private yoga lessons or for groups, the yoga we offer is to find energy and balance it out. Alignment and breathing are the key elements to exercise and find relaxation afterwards.

About Us

Professional Yoga Instruction

With years of personal practice and professional teacher training you are sure to be in good hands. 

Professional guidance

Private and groups

Customized approach

Strength & flexibility

Our Services

We Specialize In

Energy management

Get control again over your energy levels. Learn to keep more energy throughout the day.

Mind & Body

Learn how mind and body continuously affect eachother. Through posture you can control your general satisfaction.


Instant relaxation is possible, but is also instantly gone. Learn to be relaxed longer, as soon as you get off the mat.

Strength Building

A strong mind in a strong body. Create lean muscle and strength and be ready to take over the world!

Stress Relief

As soon as you place your focus inwards, to yourself, you release stress. Through postures and breathing, we unblock.

Body Transformation

In the long run, you will feel happier with your body. Lean and muscular physically, but also more powerful mentally.

Ready to Make a Change?

Ready for some down to earth working on your mind and body? Book a class.