Golden Eye⁠

I have been looking into why I make art and create a guideline for myself to create some consistency in some of my work.⁠

I suppose I want people to see that there is beauty, even in the dark. And when they look, they feel peace and serenity, a sense of balance.⁠

Looking into symbolism it makes sense to see that the horse is a symbol of beauty by default, this feels like an opportunity to start photographing on a deeper level.
Sunrise on a liveaboard in Cairns, Australia in 2014 going to the great barrier reef.

To have a house, a room, 

to remember all my travels,
close in sight.

Remembering my first liveaboard to The Great Barrier Reef, from Cairns in 2014. 
Minimalistic approach of lighting a horse in black and white.

Light in black and white

My cat Bellerose smelling the trail of adventure

Cat adventures

A photo edit for a challenge of BellaVie Photoart

Edit challenge BellaVie Photoart

A black and white selfportrait with a grid.

Selfportrait in harsh light

A Friesian horse photographed at a workshop with Christa Merk in Halsteren, Netherlands.

A Friesian black

An Appaloosa close up, showing a lot of emotion.

Appaloosa close up

My first full moon image of the object itself. A friend kindly asked, because her smartphone did not do it justice.

Full moon

Valley in the Ariège area, French Pyrenees, with Merens horses roaming freely

Dreaming of this place

Double exposure of a Vizsla
I am the Horizon
Composition with production of Dutch light


​Double exposure edit with buffalos

Double the buffalo

© 2020 Julie Landrieu
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