Paard Verzameld Challenge 31 : Variation of one


For this Paard Verzameld challenge we were asked to investigate the use of only one color, monochromatic, and to stay away from black and white as the main colour. We could only add white and black to lighten or darken the image.

What is the Paard Verzameld Challenge? 

Every month, or almost, the patrons are given a reference photo to work from with an assignment to research a word, an artist, an art form. Number 31 let us focus on monochromatic, so using only one hue and adding light or shadow to it.

Credit reference: Raquel Fernandez


One horse is changing direction, surrounded by horses who make change difficult. It is a fairly restless image and story, but probably many can relate. The choice of color scheme is inspired by water, the sea and oceans, which are blueish, greenish, teal. It is a colour that shifts in itself.

Used techniques 

I took the reference image to Photoshop, flipped it and first worked on the lighting to captivate the narrative. After I blurred selected areas to emphasize contrast between the protagonist horse and the herd. Finally I researched the monochromatic scale I could work with and how to implement it onto the image.

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