Paard Verzameld Collective Art Challenge - Lena


The Art Challenge with the Paard Verzameld Collective this month, was a reference photo from Lena Lottsfeldt Vincken. As many artists in the group are painters and drawers, I took it to Photoshop to create a mood that shows my vision of this image. As you can see, I was drawn to the light shining on the head and focused on that. Below you can see how I started this challenge on my computer.

Speed edit

As this was a high resolution JPEG, I first looked at the frame I could work in. With a raw file you have far more flexibility, so this was a good exercise to do more with less. 

In the end you see that I rework the image a little bit for online use. So it would pop a little bit more.

Reference photo by Lena Lottsfeldt Vincken.

A collage of all the approved entries from the Paard Verzameld Collective.

Paard Verzameld Collective Art Challenges

With over a hundred equine artists worldwide, the collective motivates and inspires me to create and promote art. I am very grateful to be part of this group. I invite you to take a look at the Paard Verzameld Gallery for more equine art and to visit Lena's page for a closer look at her brilliant work.

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