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A horse rearing on hind legs is a magnificent sight for us, humans, at a distance. Close to the horse the sight and energy the posture radiates, it would tell us to run away. It is a pose to be in awe of, to admire from a distance.

This horse represents my feelings, my state of mind, in this time. I survived, I thrived and now I will survive some more.

From afar, artists look like gracious beings, come closer and you will see an everlasting, brutal fight for their passion. Now more than ever in a long time.

This horse, the beautiful Oreo, was trained to rear on command in freedom. Thank you to the beautiful Sophie from SNCG for this opportunity 🙏

With the last challenge of Paard Verzameld this image was my first experiment with the Zorn Palette. I was amazed how it blended so beautifully with textures and elevated my craftmanship.

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