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With the right light, there is always beauty to be found.

Through the cracks, the way the light comes in reminds me that perfection is not the key to beauty. Should this shed been build perfectly, no light was able to come in. It is the imperfection, many times, that makes it a whole. It makes things exciting.

Same thing goes for our bodies, or mine at least. I am a perfectionist and love the control I have over my body and how it looks. To an extent, because the past few weeks it changed and I have been feeling really uncomfortable. I have put on weight, have more curves, but am still toned. And I have to learn again and again to focus on the good care I have for my body and not how my clothes fit or the numbers on the scale. It’s a delicate balance.

So when I see that beautiful light cracking through the shed, I read a message to myself saying with the right light, there is always beauty to be found. And that is why I am a photographer.

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