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Images that sell your house

You just renovated your house and want to upsell it. When you publish your listing online, what is the first thing people look at? Right, the images. So it is in your best interest to make an unforgettable first impression.You do this with a gallery of excellent quality.

Clean bathroom with natural light coming in

The secrets to beautiful images that sell houses are composition, light and post production, also known as retouching. The best time for photographing is when the light is soft, cloudy days are perfect. When we have a clear blue sky, it is best to shoot in the morning and the later afternoon to avoid the harsh sunlight. 

In retouching, we look to accomplish symmetry and a clean view. So take in mind to have straight lines wherever possible and required and to get rid of colour casts. Often brightening parts of an image is necessary to make the room pop.

Library with some harsh sun coming in at the left. Try to avoid.

Let's capture your story

I would love to help you sell your house! I can help with photography or retouching to get you the best first impression on your listing or website. If you are ready and interest to work together, I cannot wait to hear from you. Send me a message or call and we can set up a planning session.

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