Remember this from Flanders Horse Expo 2016

Flanders Horse Expo is the yearly horse event in Belgium. Every February you can watch competitions in dressage, jumping, western and many other disciplines. But also a lot of shows. Even during the day there are some mesmerizing people horse plays that leave and impression for years. This show from 2016 is still in my thoughts, unfortunately I do not know the name of the artists. If anybody can help with that part, I would be very grateful.

On these five images I have worked a few hours. You don’t say, right? Instead of using presets on the whole image, I go into Photoshop with my brush, work on different layers to get every detail right. It is really delicate work and the more experienced I get, the more subtle my enhancements are. You can compare it with bridles for more experienced riders now that I think of it. 

Want to know more about Flanders Horse Expo? This year from February 21 till 23rd in Flanders Expo Gent.

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