Paard Verzameld x Bit Cover Competition 2021


Paard Verzameld and Bit Magazine joined forces for the second time to highlight art. It was an amazing competition with a high level of entries coming in from all over the world. Photography was excluded.

What was the competition about? 

This year there was a theme installed. They wanted a light cover, depicting horse, passion and fun. And as a cover in portrait mode (vertical). 

It is an easy and difficult theme, because with horse, you think of passion of fun. But what does that mean and how do you put that on paper?


For my entry I looked for a horse in my archives that had a look of entertainment. Something scroll stopping as we tend to say to look more closely. For me the horse was representing some innocent mischief, which we find endearing to watch. An extra layer of fun was added when I took it to Photoshop to alter and experiment. It was a moment of creative explosion, that Saturday morning haha.

The winner 

It was a very exciting countdown. Congratulations to Kasia Dippel, who made heartfelt piece that absolutely stands out.

Read her interview in the new issue where she tells about her vision.

Online you can read how editor in chief Dorien Van Dijk and Paard Verzameld curator Joyce Ter Horst review this past competition.

Read it here (NL)

Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing how I did this or you want to find out how art can help you, please drop me a line or follow me and my fellow patrons on social media. 

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