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A new insight inspired me to rise and shine again at 6:00 in the morning and get a full happy day. How? I schedule my life related priorities first and build my work around those. 

I love to work. I love my work, so I can always enjoy myself with it. It is also never finished. Maybe you recognize that. Because of that, other priorities, which are not work related, sometimes do not get the time they deserve. And then I feel guilty and am less productive at work. And the vicious circle continues.

First life, then work

On Instagram I discovered the account of Ashley Gartland . She shared the suggestion that now works really well for me. Write down your top five priorities and schedule the life related ones first. The work related bullets go second and or around the life related ones.

Reflecting about your priorities is already an exercise in itself, but I followed through: order, pets, selfcare, creativity, work. Because I planned everything around my work, the other priorities missed routine or did not get the attention they deserved. But because they do give me energy and I can measure them better in time, I was able to balance them out. Now I have a huge morning routine that fulfills me and thus makes me productive. I brew myself some coffee and give the pets food and attention, clean up and write down my thoughts.  Yoga is integrated in all of those actions and or I roll out the mat for some extra attention.

Inspire yourself

After that I give myself some space for a creative session that has no purpose. I often freeze in my creative process because I want to create something beautiful, but stress out when it is not working out. I teach myself that it is allowed to be bad and to experiment. The next step is to share this with more people than just myself.

Because of the lockdown drawing inspiration from my normal sources is not possible anymore. I love it to just sit in a coffee bar with my noise cancelling earplugs and to observe what is happening around me. That has not been possible for a while now and to just walk in the city does not feel comfortable. I thus have to find the creativity within myself. To open up that time and space for myself, it creates that what I need. Just like there is nobody else that can make you happy but yourself, only you can do that.

The TED talk below is about allowing yourself to not be good at your goal. The repetition and the "better something then nothing" principle is what resonated with me in this vidoe.

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