Art Challenge 24 - Paard Verzameld Collective

I was so nervous for this particular art challenge of Paard Verzameld.
Based on a reference image, let yourself be inspired by Art Nouveau and more particularly Alphonse Mucha. 

I had to imitate and combine sources to be accepted to this challenge. 
So this is what I did: 

  •  Make an appointment with a model and her horse to create the foundation of the image.
  •  Collect stock images to incorporate in the picture to create the demanded style.  I found this on Pexels and want to thank the creators for their awesome work.
  •  Dive in Photoshop and build the image with the material I gathered.

Ultimately I really enjoyed this. The collective opened up new creative streets in my brain again haha. Where will this end? 

Models: Eulalie Decuypere and her beautiful Oldenburg dark fox
Photography and compositing: Julie Landrieu
Source material: Agnese Lunecka, Chevanon, Engin Akyurt, Flora Westbrook, Suzy Hazelwood

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