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Next to photography I keep myself busy and balanced with my dog, writing, yoga, riding western horses, scuba diving and travelling.

Happy member of the black coffee lovers.

Belgium based.

I, Julie Landrieu, was born in the fabulous city of Ghent. But only just out in the bright world, our family moved to the eastern shore of the somewhat 60 kilometers Belgium can account for. 


As a child, I always had had a love for writing, photography and movies. I wrote short stories about brave little horses, photographed with the little black rectangular boxes, to then enter the digital age with a game boy camera and a webcam that doubled as camera with a whopping 640 pixels in width.


But studying art was not a welcomed idea at home, so i finished journalism in our great capital that is Brussels. More than learning how to write, it was a builder for attitude. To persevere and to never give up, especially after a good sob.


I realized I was still young and continued pursuing my dream of photography in Ghent. I quickly became acquainted with press photography, where I learned to look and act swiftly. Although the adrenaline rush was bliss, I was not build for the non-stop standby time.


I started photographing for magazines I was already writing for and got introduced in the world of interior photography. I loved that I could work quietly, with lines and light and make it perfect in Photoshop. The same conditions I also encountered on movie sets, mostly with the fabulous people of a Team Productions, where Director of Photography Robrecht Heyvaert made my job to shoot behind the scenes footage very easy with his beautiful lighting ups.


I have been a struggling photographer for all those years, with feast and famine periods, but the passion keeps me going. After years of struggling I realized it was my selfworth and -respect that was holding me back. I finally got the picture that, in order to be valued, I must first value myself. Probably a lot of photographers have to deal with this issue, so be kind if you meet one.


But what sparks joy as Marie Kondo would ask? I made a list to really think that through. I like quiet, nature, symmetry or pure aesthetics. Soulful people and animals who are not afraid of who they are. 


After the past experiences, I would like to continue my journey towards even more authenticity, to only photograph what purely sparks joy. To work with amazing people who value themselves and others in their line of work is a key ingredient to that future.